Mezzanine Finance Loan For Pre-Let Health and Fitness Facility

Leisure CentreMandated to arrange a mezzanine finance loan to support the development of a pre-let health & fitness facility

Duties involved:

  • Analysing, summarising and modelling the finance requirement – Identifying and approaching suitable lenders
  • Negotiating, agreeing and modelling the detailed terms / structure with a preferred lender

Total committed equity of £4m against gross deal costs of £15.2m This deal is currently in lawyers’ hands

Arrange Capital To Buy An Existing Partner Out Of A Joint Venture Development

We were approached by a private property company looking to arrange capital to buy an existing partner out of a joint venture development in the north of England. The asset comprised a bespoke retail & leisure scheme fully occupied by a mixture of institutional and private tenants on long leases. Our client was looking toContinue Reading

Help Execute An IPO For An Overseas Client

Two of our Directors were retained to help execute an IPO for an overseas client. Duties involved: Taking part in a 6 week investor roadshow across the UK. USA, Ireland and The Netherlands Senior debt financing of the seed property portfolio (€220m) Assuming on-going responsibility for structured property finance for the listed vehicle On-going liaisonContinue Reading

FSA Regulated UK Fund Manager Structure A Joint Venture Fund With An Overseas Institutional Investor

We helped an FSA regulated UK Fund Manager structure a Joint Venture Fund with an overseas institutional investor. Duties involved: Securing, structuring and debt-financing a seed portfolio; Negotiating the Joint Venture agreement, including fee & promote structure, management and dissolution clauses; Ensuring the equity and debt fundraising dovetailed throughout, from an in-principle agreement through toContinue Reading

Corporate Client To Conduct A Review Into Optimising Capital Release

We were approached by a corporate client to conduct a review into optimising capital release from its primary real estate asset. After a careful evaluation of the options (refinance, finance lease, sale & leaseback) we concluded that in light of prevailing market conditions a sale & leaseback was likely to achieve best results. We thenContinue Reading

Preferred Equity Piece For Sale And Leaseback

We raised a Preferred Equity piece for a UK property company that was undertaking a sale & leaseback with additional development potential, with a major blue-chip tenant. Duties involved: Building a financial model to reflect the asset deal Building a financial model to analyse the potential capital structure Identifying and approaching a shortlist of fundingContinue Reading

Finance The Complex Corporate Acquisition Of A Keyworker Housing Investment

We were mandated to raise a mezzanine loan to help finance the complex corporate acquisition of a keyworker housing investment with significant development upside. Duties involved: Identifying and introducing a suitable mezzanine lender Negotiating, agreeing and modelling the detailed terms / structure with the preferred lender Liaising between sponsor, senior lender and mezzanine lender regardingContinue Reading

Fighting Fund to purchase vacant or short-income properties in the UK

We were mandated to arrange a revolving “Fighting Fund” to purchase vacant or short-income properties in the UK licensed and leisure market. Duties involved: Preparing the sponsor’s track record and detailed marketing literature – Identifying and approaching a small number of suitable partners Negotiating, agreeing and modeling the detailed terms and structure with the preferredContinue Reading

Equity Partner To Complete The Acquisition Of A Portfolio Of Office Buildings In Scotland

We were approached by a private investor looking for an equity partner to complete the acquisition of a portfolio of office buildings in Scotland. The assets were each fully occupied by good tenants on long leases but the acquisition yield was attractive particularly in light of specific angles that existed on each that could yieldContinue Reading

Specialist Property Turnaround Vehicle

We initiated dialogue between a property asset manager / developer and a corporate recovery boutique resulting in the formation of a specialist property turnaround vehicle. We were the catalyst for its inception and played a key role in its structuring and foundation. As a result and in light of our on-going involvement we have becomeContinue Reading

Joint-Venture Partner To Retain Control Of Property

We were approached by the owner of a mixed use investment who as a result of the recent fall in values was under pressure from their lender to sell the property and redeem as much of the existing facility as possible. Our client was keen to retain control of the property if possible and engagedContinue Reading

Finance Acquisition of a Central London Office Building

We were mandated by a private property company to identify a capital partner to help finance their acquisition of a Central London office building. Further financial commitment was required to enable the sponsor to carry out their business plan which involved seeking a change of use to residential and a conversion of the existing building. Continue Reading